Serene Kids Edition

About Serene Kids

Aside from her counselling qualifications and work within mental health coaching, our founder Nina Scerri, is a qualified Primary Educator and a lead in Personal, Social and Health education. Nina is a Senior Mental health lead within Education and delivers tailored Nurture Provisions for children with Mental health needs, special educational needs and children with trauma. 

Her work with Children provides outlets for expression, safe spaces to explore needs and activities which teach specific social skills. Serene Kids Edition seeks to provide children with a tool of expression while leading them through creative self-discovery activities. 

Is it for my child? 



Our Kids edition can be used by any child from ages 6-11. Serene Kids Edition, like all our journals, are not gender specific and can be used by all.

We recommend our Kids Edition for any child that:


  •  Is creative
  •  May struggle with their mental health
  •  Would benefit from having an outlet for their thoughts and feelings
  • Is currently receiving mental health or counselling support 
  • Seeking to improve their general well-being and self-awareness

What's inside?

Similar to our journals, you will find many different mental health and well-being activities aimed at children. These activities encourage children to reflect on their current life, their goals, their fears, their dreams and their future. 

Types of activities include...

Marvellous Music for Marvellous Minds     All about me       Worry Monster
Draw it: My Happy Place     My Favourite Humans     Draw it: When I grow up
I am: Affirmations     Draw it: Things that make me happy   Bright Ideas: My goals
Your Perfect World   Noticing Nature   Feeling Fixers   Get Creative! 
The Tree of Achievements      What's on your mind?    My Perfect Place 
 Colouring pages   Journaling Prompts     Journaling Pages