About Serene Journals

Who are we?

Serene journals specialise in Mental Health and Well-being journals. 

Filled with Well-being activities, journaling prompts and Mental Health tools, Serene Journals are here to help you on your self-improvement journey. 

Is it for me?

       Serene journals are for anyone who wants to:

                        Become more self-aware  
                     Improve their mental health    
                  Start or continue their journaling journey 
                     Improve their general well-being

What's inside?


Inside our journals, you will find many different mental health and well-being activities. These activities encourage you to think deeper and explore different aspects of your life in more detail. 


Types of activities include...

Reflection activities: These activities encourage you to reflect on an aspect or an incident in your life. The question prompts help you to process and unpick it's impact on your mental health. 

Draw it activities: These are fun drawing/sketching activities which enable you to demonstrate your thoughts and feelings through drawing. 

Well-being activities: These activities promote the improvement of well-being through goal setting, affirmations and self-discovery.

At the back of our journals are blank journaling pages so that you can form your own journal entries. We also include a page of journaling prompts to help you get started.